Stefana (Greek Wedding Crowns) are two circles joined together by ribbon.  They are worn by the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony symbolising their union.  After the wedding the Stefana are kept in a safe place representing the couple’s commitment.

Originally, in Ancient Greece, Stefana were made with olive branches, vines and lemon blossoms, in honour of the goddess Aphrodite.  Today, precious metals, semiprecious stones, crystals and pearls are used to make Stefana to ensure they last a lifetime.

We are very proud to introduce to Australia Stefana handcrafted by acclaimed silversmith Heraklis Evagelou who has been creating exclusive hand made silver products since 1983.  His work has been showcased in many exhibitions in both Greece and Milan since 1993.

Stefana by Heraklis Evagelou are masterpieces of fine design and quality in both contemporary and modern styles and are accompanied by a certificate of authentic Greek craftsmanship.


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